Oftentimes, our users look to social media to help solve their customer support tickets. We do not advise our users to share their personal transaction information on social media.

The safest, most secure place to discuss your transaction information is in our live chat support. We are more than happy to answer questions, drop helpful links, and provide more information for our users on this channel.Β 

Stay Safe on Social Media

Avoid posting your transaction details or secure information publicly on social media:Β 

Sharing such information can make you an easy target, giving the others in the digital currency space the idea that you are not using the required security measures and therefore, becoming vulnerable to hacks or being easily tricked. Most digital currency regulars do not publicly broadcast that they are in possession of digital assets. Only trusted individuals should be aware of how much digital currencies you own or where you store it.

Avoid seeking help on social media:Β 

People are capable of trying to gain your trust by offering help in comments or direct messages. These offers can be attempts to gain access to your private keys or attempts to redirect your missing funds to their wallet.

Don't click links that are sent to you on social media:Β 

Do not click on any random links that are sent to you for any reason. Someone pretending to be DAIX could use a link to try to redirect you to get help with your ticket. This could lead to a fake phishing websites created to try to trick you into depositing your funds. There is no way to retrieve the funds if you send your assets there.Β 

To Avoid Losing Funds, Please Keep this in Mind πŸ€”

DAIX will only contact you from:

Β Things we will never ask for on social media:

  • Detailed information about your order, such as your account addresses
  • Your private keys
  • Your personal information, such as your name and address
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