To buy Bitcoin on DAIX first go to and click "Buy Bitcoin".

Amount and Payment Method

Specify the amount you would like to buy in USD or BTC and then choose your preferred payment method below.

Enter your Address

  1. Enter your Bitcoin wallet address (If you don't have an address yet then check out our article on wallets here)
  2. Accept our Terms by checking the box
  3. Click "Next"

Make the Payment

After a DAIX merchant has accepted your order you will see the payment page. 

  1. Make the payment
  2. Enter the details of your payment
  3. Check the box
  4. Click the "Confirm payment" button


It should take us about 30 minutes to complete your order. You can stay on this page to track the status or you can click the "Done" button to return back to the main page.

You can repeat this process as many times a you like. We do not limit the amount of orders a customer can make.

If you have any questions feel free contact us any time.

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